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Rent or Buy?

     Owning your home offers certain advantages over renting. Not only do you receive a greater tax advantage but you have the freedom to make decisions about additions and changes to the home.

     You also build equity over time when you own which acts as an investment in your future. The payment is most often fixed for the life of the loan so you don't have to worry about the payment going up and up.

     The main advantage of renting is that you do not have to worry about maintenance of the home. However, depending on the landlord you may have to worry about how quickly problems are taken care of.

     The decision ultimately should be made after evaluating your lifestyle and personal finances. For most, owning is preferable but obviously requires more of a financial obligation. If you can afford the down payment and closing costs and feel confident in your ability to make the monthly payment you should buy. If you have more questions about buying feel free to contact us.  We can contact you with a real estate professional if you like with your permission.

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Real Estate HQ: Your First and Best Resource for Finding a Home.

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