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What's the Best Time of Year to Sell?

     Ideally, any time of the year would have a balanced number of buyers and sellers. However, this is real life, and at any given time, supply exceeds demand or vice versa.

     When there are more buyers than sellers, this is called a seller's market. This means that since a lot of people are looking to buy, and only a few houses exist on the market, the sellers can name their price.

     When there are more sellers than buyers, this is called a buyer's market. This means that since only a few people are looking to buy from a lot of different properties, the buyers become choosy, and can wait for a price to go down on a house.

     Typically, if you are selling your house, you want to catch a seller's market. Contact an agent in your area to find out what your situation is.

     Over the course of time though, it is seen that real estate picks up in the spring and summer months. Even as early as February! This makes sense as you will be travelling from one house to another trying to decide which one is for you, and it would be a lot nicer to do this on a sunny day than in 10 inches of snow.

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