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What If I Price Too High?

     An overpriced piece of property is typically one that will stay on the market for a long time. By increasing the price tag on your house or building, you cut out a large group of buyers who may be ready to buy now, but can't float the bill.

     Usually, a house stays on the market for a while at one price, which decreases as time moves on. Once again, this will cause your house to be on the market for quite a while as buyers wait for your home to come into their price range. If you plan to do this "just to see," then draw up a schedule for yourself scaling down the price of your house so that it is at a marketable value after 6 weeks. You never know, you might get lucky!

     Also, you and the buyer may agree that your property is worth a greater amount, but when they go and try to get a loan, the appraiser may not agree. The lender will loan the lesser of two figures. The asking price of the house, or the appraised value. If your price is too high, the bank may not approve their loan, and you will lose the sale. Now might be a good idea to come down on that price!

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Real Estate HQ: Your First and Best Resource for Finding a Home.

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